The housing problem is not a concern that only exists in urban areas. It can happen that while you go hiking, you find yourself, with the whole family, stuck by a rain on the side of a mountain. You are not unaware that in such places, there is no shelter. A family tent could then be of great help in such circumstances. If you manage to find the best family camping tent that is large, waterproof and protected, you will not be able to ask for more. Many people still have difficulty choosing such equipment based on their expectations.


There is not one form of a tent. On the contrary, I find on the market a wide choice of models with different profiles. In all, 5 forms of tents stand out in the market:

  • Hybrid: A good compromise between the tunnel tent and the dome tent. It is composed of 2 archers as for the dome tent and an additional awning. It combines the practicality of the dome tent with the spacious and comfortable side of the tunnel tent.
  • Tarp: This type of tent should be considered more of a shelter than a tent. It can extend a tent, or serve as a shelter over a table, or as a quick camp.
  • Tunnel: In the shape of a half-cylinder, this type of tent with vertical walls is composed of 2 to 4 arches placed one behind the other in parallel. It is spacious and usually divides into at least two spaces which are convenient for storing backpacks and shoes that will not be in the same space as you. Practical: The outdoor tent stays dry if you pitch it in the rain as it is attached to the outdoor tent.
  • Dome or igloo: It offers less space with its sloping walls but is easy to mount and withstands the wind better. It consists of two arches that intersect and on which is suspended the inner tent, the outer tent being stretched over. This is probably the most popular tent since the development of “2 seconds” models.
  • Canadian: The most classic, the one we see in old movies. It is triangular in shape and is less and less used. It has the advantage of being light and quick to assemble. However, space is not optimized.

There are 4 types of tents-

  • The light hiking tent

This featherweight tent offers minimal comfort and often lacks strength

  • The hiking and camping tent

This hybrid model is slightly heavier. It offers superior height and space.

  • The family tent

Quite heavy, it has an interior space organized in different rooms

  • The expedition tent

It is usually reserved for expeditions in extreme weather conditions.

  • A 3 season or 4 seasons tent-

The 3 seasons tent is supposed to be used from spring to autumn. The 4 season tent, as its name suggests, can be used all year round, since it is resistant to the cold and the weight of the snow. In practice,

Caution: some entry-level models claim 3 seasons. In reality, these tents are not resistant to wind or rain. It is therefore essential to ensure the strength of the structure and the impermeability of the tent.


The Materials and The Resistance:

The holidays sometimes rhyme with bad weather and strong squalls of wind (in particular on the coasts) – that can give rise to some bursts of laughter in the family but also to some very legitimate fears. Also, it is better to keep a careful eye on the quality of construction of your family tent, the materials used and the tightness of the structure. Some points of importance must be checked to avoid any disappointment and ensure good resistance, such as finishing at the seams.

Space and The Comfort:

Which says tent often says stay to the sea or to the mountain, and thus holidays in family. During these few days, your tent will be both your home and your roof. We must take care to have enough space but also choose a lightweight tent easy to assemble and convenient for disassembly. It’s a question of comfort! Tents integrate the concept of a bedroom and define an individual space for sleeping, which is very significant for couples with children (s). Another notable point: the existence of a common area, where it is possible to install a camping table with chairs – for meals for meeting at the time of the aperitif.

Number of Places Desired:

f course, we will not choose in the same way a 4-seater tent or an 8-seater tent for family camping! Space requirements and practical questions (can you eat in the tent, get distracted if the weather is bad, etc.) will be different depending on the number of people in the cabin: 3, 4, 5 or still 6 people for example.

Your Budget:

I have seen it; there are family tents at all prices, from 50 to over $500 For a tent between 4 and 8 places, it is usually necessary to count between $150 and $350/$400. Better to avoid low-cost models that have a very limited life and that will eventually make you spend more money than expected.

The Price / Quality Ratio:

The family tents described here are designed and built by experienced builders, who use resistant materials. If you plan to spend less than 80 € in your family tent, know that the return on investment will probably not be at the rendezvous and your tent may serve only a handful of opportunities. Before being out of use. If brands like Decathlon and the Quechua range offer medium quality tents, this is not up to the models described on our site.

With the growing success of family camping, family tents have also become more appealing in recent years. However, it is difficult to make a choice in view of all the proposed models. Prices can vary from simple to triple (!) And some family tents are designed with mediocre materials. To buy the right family tent, it’s a question of finding a balance between the resistance of the tent, the comfort of the interior and of course the price displayed.

When the holiday season arrived, my whole family was in a hurry to pack up for a family adventure. We often go camping camps far away from our country to renew ideas. It must be said that with my status as an entrepreneur, I need it from time to time. Previously we rented a camper to go, but it was very expensive and sometimes it felt cramped. But since I bought a family tent, everything is so simplified! Bulkier devices and we can finally move freely. I looked at several models before choosing one. You can also stitch your best family camping tent in this article.


1. Name: Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent


  1. Product Dimensions and weight: 25.6 x 11 x 10.2 inches; 22.4 pounds and the weight is 22.8 pounds.
  2. Brand: Coleman.
  3. Tent Type: Family type tent.
  4. Colour: Red and Gray in colour.

Why it is best? (Put also if have any drawbacks)

The Coleman 8 Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent is a perfect tent for 8 campers. It is a family size tent also including sleeping unit. It also included room divider which enhances privacy. The waterproof capacity provides you with a greater experience. Included organizer pocket in which you can keep your valuable things. Contains the adjustable venting system. It is very easy to set up and use.

May be you will also like to know about the best fishing kayak if you have a plan to go for fishing with your family on the upcoming holidays and here’s where you may get it!


  • Weather tech System: Exclusive weather tech system keep you dry in the unexpected wet weather.
  • Room dividers: Included room dividers which allow you to divide among three different rooms. The room divider enhances privacy.
  • Capacity: Family type camping tents and contains eight campers at a time.
  • Season: It can be used in3 seasons.
  • Waterproof: Included waterproof feature through which you do not get wet anymore.
  • Organizer Pockets: Included organizer pockets in which you can keep your valuable things.
  • Material: Polyester materials used to make up the tent.
  • Sleeping Unit: Also included the sleeping unit.


  • Adjustable venting system.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Durable and strong.
  • The convenience of portability.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Not freestanding.

2. CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent – 16′ x 9′


  1. Capacity: 9 persons.
  2. Dimensions and weight: 192.00 x 108.00 x 72.00 Inches and the weight is 18 lb.
  3. Colour: Can be of 2 colours such as multicolour and orange.
  4. Tent type: The type of tent is dome tents.
  5. Brand: The brand name is Core Equipment.

Why it is best?

The CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent – 16′ x 9′ is an affordable tent with its good price range. It is a little bit large for its larger height. It includes an electrical cable port which differentiates it from others. It is very much lightweight to carry out. It also includes a carry bag for comfortable using. It also provides limited one year of warranty.  This core 9 person extended dome tent provides an effective venting system. The user experience is very much good for its larger size.


  • Season: It can be used in all season. For this feature, it is very popular.
  • Height: The centre height of the tent is 72″.
  • Carry bag: Includes carry bags, rain fly, gear loft etc. for easy using.
  • Warranty: Provides limited one-year warranty.
  • Electric cable port: Include electrical cord access port which differentiates this from others.
  • Lightweight: It is very much lightweight to carry out.
  • Great price: It provides a better price to be affordable.


  • Good packed size.
  • Interior space is larger.
  • Built-in gear loft.
  • Effective venting system.


  • A little bit larger.

3. Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent


  1. Capacity: 10 Person Tent
  2. Material: The material of the tent is taffeta and the pole material is fibreglass.
  3. Dimensions and weight: 30.3 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches and the weight are 33.9 pounds.
  4. Colour: The colour of the tent is brown and beige.
  5. Tent type: The type of tent is cabin tents.

Why it is best?

The Coleman Weather Master 10-Person Outdoor Tent is a camping tent which will give you a great experience if you use it. If you are searching for 10 person tents then coleman tents will give you the feeling of the best 10 person tent. The material used to make up this tent is taffeta, the primary material is polyester and the pole material is fiberglass. You can use this tent in four seasons. The weather tech system will bring a better experience by keeping you dry. It is so much durable and well made. You can set up this tent easily within 20 minutes.


  • Season: It can be used in 4 seasons and it is very much durable.
  • Style: Dome style has been used in this tent.
  • Freestanding: This tent included freestanding featuring features also through you can stand the tent anywhere.
  • Footprint: It includes the footprint feature through which you can identify the footprint.
  • Weather Tech system: The weather tech system helps to keep you dry in the wet weather.
  • Easy set up: Sets up easily in 20 minutes which saves your time gives you a great experience.


  • Spacious.
  • Stay dry and easy setup.
  • Durable and well made.
  • Roomy.


  • Quite heavy.

4. NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 15 Foot Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm


  1. Dimensions and weight: H x W x D 190 x 460 x 310cm / 6.23 x 15.09 x 10.17ft and the weight is 10.7kg / 23.59Lb.
  2. Design: Freestanding design included in this tent.
  3. Floor Material: Anti-fungal Seamless polyethene material used for comfort flooring.
  4. Frame Material: Fiberglass poles + chrome plated ferrules materials used for making up the frame.
  5. Capacity: 8 to 9 persons.

Why it is best?

The NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 15 Foot Sports Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm is the best tent for its different features. It contains with a proper ventilation and privacy system. The interior of the tent is very spacious which gives a very roomy environment for a family camping. It provides a mosquito net which makes it different from others. For its different features, it can be the best choice. Also NTK tents are the best waterproof tent on the market.


  • Ventilation and Privacy: It contains double doors which enhance the privacy and also featuring mosquito-net with durable fabric.
  • Inner tent: the Inner tent is made of breathable 190T Polyester which enhances the durability.
  • Season: Can be used in 3 seasons including summer, spring and fall.
  • Roomy: The spacious interior gives a roomy environment which is suitable for family camping.
  • Easy set up: It is easy to assemble within 15 minutes for 2 adults.
  • Mosquito-net: It makes the tent comfortable.


  • Spacious for 8 to 9 persons with enough headroom.
  • Water-resistant and UV guarded.
  • Assures privacy and ventilation.
  • Maintains security standards.


  • The tent is quite heavy.
  • Not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

5. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


  1. Dimensions and weight: 132 x 16 x 16 inches and the weight are 25.8 pounds.
  2. Capacity: 8 persons.
  3. Seasons: Can be used in 3 seasons.
  4. Colour: Green in colour.
  5. Windows: Contains 2 windows.
  6. Floor area: The area of the floor is 90 square feet + 60 square foot screen porch.

Why it is best?

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is a family size tent. The capacity of this tent is 8 persons. The design is so much attractive and also feels comfortable. It is very lightweight which gives you an easy user experience. It does not contain the freestanding feature.


  • Gear loft: Built-in gear loft.
  • Carry bag: Easy to carry out with the carry bags.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer warranty is up to 10 years.
  • Floor area: It contains a very large floor area which makes a spacious environment.
  • Style: This is a dome style tent.


  • Water resistant.
  • Spacious environment.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to use.


  • Quite expensive.

6. Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent


  1. Capacity: The capacity of the tent is 7 persons in 2 room.
  2. Tent type: The type of tent is Cabin Tents.
  3. Material: Multi-fabric material is used in this tent.
  4. Dimensions and weight: 29 x 9.2 x 9 inches and the weight are 21 pounds.
  5. Colour: Gray color is used in this tent.

Why it is best?

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tents are affordable tent for its lower price. It contains 2 rooms which ensure privacy. It looks very lovely and attractive. The window of the tent provides you greater viewing. From its price range, it can be the best choice for camping.


  • Materials: Nylon covering material is used which enhances the durability and makes it attractive.
  • Lightweight: It is very much lightweight and for this, it is very easy to carry out.
  • Removable fly: The tent also contains this feature.
  • Affordable: It is so affordable for its lower price.
  • Design: The design of this tent is very cool and attractive.
  • Windows: It also contains windows for comfort using.


  • Great floor area.
  • Contains divider.
  • Good size.


  • Water resistant but not truly waterproof.

7. HIMALAYA Yurt Tent 8-12 Persons Multiplayer Traveling by Car Camping Meeting for Camping & Hiking, Trekking, Mountaineering


  1. Dimensions and weight: 157.5 x 157.5 x 98.4 inches and the weight are 22.3 pounds.
  2. Material: 210T polyester ripstop PU3000mm, four hundred*four hundred*250cm.
  3. Color: The tent is brown in color.
  4. Capacity: 10 persons.
  5. Tent type: Car Tent.

Why it is best?

If you want camping in luxury tents then this tent will give you the feel. The HIMALAYA Yurt Tent 8-12 Persons Multiplayer Traveling by Car Camping Meeting for Camping & Hiking, Trekking, Mountaineering is suitable for car camping. It is a very large tent which gives a better capacity. The capacity of the tent is 12 persons. It is an attractive tent but for its higher price, it can’t be affordable for all.


  • Area: Large area designed to deal with a dozen other people sitting around.
  • Windows: It includes windows which give you a great viewing from the tent.
  • Design: Simple pole construction designed to verify the steadiness of the tent.
  • Material: Polyester material used to make up this tent.
  • Waterproof: The tent is waterproof which keeps you dry in the wet weather.


  • A high centre point which makes it possible to stand up.
  • Mesh windows.
  • Very large.


  • Most expensive.

8. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


  1. Dimensions and weight: 192 x 132 x 78 inches and the weight are 27.9 pounds.
  2. Color: The color of the tent is blue.
  3. Water resistant: It contains waterproof features.
  4. Warranty: 10-year warranty against defects.

Why it is best?

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is the best tent for its unique features. The materials used in the tent is very good. The waterproof system of the tent increase durability. It contains a proper ventilation system. It has adequate space for sleeping.


  • Material: The roofing top is well fitted with a mesh roofing material. The roofing material is good with the adverse sunny conditions.
  • Poles: It includes poles features. The poles make it easy to set up.
  • Design: The tent has a good design. Its exclusive design separates the sleeping rooms and screen rooms inside.
  • Ventilation system: The shelter maintains ventilation via an adjustable venting system. Every room needs its type of ventilation mechanisms.


  • Waterproof roofing system.
  • Easy setup.
  • Appropriate ventilation features like windows.
  • Adequate space.


  • Heavy to carry.


Tips for Choosing Best Camping Tents

It is important to select the tent before buying it. Many criteria are to be taken into account to avoid disappointment once the product is at your disposal. Of course, the best thing to do to find an item that best meets your expectations is to compare it with other family camping tents and opt for the one that offers good value for money. So you have to know every details before you purchase the best family camping tent for your own family.

Unless it is a disposable tent, it must offer great durability. This allows you to use it many times without damaging it. The choice of the materials of manufacture is thus crucial to be sure to have a product of quality.

But one should also find a model spacious enough to avoid feeling cramped inside. Remember to always take into account the dimensions of the tent and ensure that it can accommodate the whole family. Of course, the height of the roof should not be neglected to not get on all fours once inside.

It goes without saying that camping is also being weathered. The choice must, therefore, be based on the impermeability for rainy days, the resistance of the material to the sun and the thermal restraint for camping in the snow.

But we must also take into account the practical side of the product. It must offer an easy and fast assembly. See if he has storage pockets. Aeration should be perfect for those days when it is too hot. Having a storm door to protect against mosquitoes would also be an asset, especially if the campsite is set in the middle of the forest.


The last point will, therefore, concern the material of your tent. Most modern tents are made of nylon or polyester. The nylon tents are stronger and much lighter, but they are notably more expensive.   Even if they do not protect you from moisture, like polyester. To help tents repel water and protect you from UV rays, many are coated with protectants such as polyurethane or silicone. Silicone-coated nylon tents are much lighter and tend to be more expensive since they represent the highest quality.


Pay special attention to the number of people indicated by the camping tent manufacturers. This one does not take into account the recreational space and the space for the equipment. If this is important to you, do not forget to take it into account. Note that some manufacturers indicate a “+” after the number of people. This means that the tent has extra space, often for storage.

Also, and it makes sense, take into account your build. I am quite small and athletic, so I need little space for my body. However, when I camp with friends for several days, I have a lot of equipment that I need to shelter. If you are not far from your car no problem, otherwise you will need more space or additional shelter type tarp. Also, think about the size of your mattress if you use one. It would be a shame if it does not fit into your sleeping space.


Generally, the larger the tent, the longer and more difficult it is to climb. The dome or instant tents can be assembled quickly and easily. However, they offer less living space. Tunnel tents are longer and trickier to install but offer more comfort. Finally, there are inflatable tents that even for larger ones are relatively easily and quickly mounted.


Sustainability will often come from quality. A tent made of strong and durable materials such as nylon for canvas and aluminium for hoops will be stronger over time. Again, if you do not use your tent, polyester and fibreglass will do the trick. Also, a good maintenance will be decisive for the durability of your tent. On this subject, you can find our advice below.

In addition to the quality of the materials, you must also study the openings (number, mosquito nets, windows, ventilation), the presence of an awning, storage spaces, seams or the strength of the zip closure.


For use in camping, the weight is a less important element than during a hike for example. Most of the time, your tent is not far from your car. On the other hand, large camping tents can be quite heavy. Up to 30kg for some. Also, once stored they can occupy a large volume. Make sure you have enough room to store them for the rest of the year but also in your trunk.


Although the height of the tent is not a big problem for some people, it is an important point for others! People with tall people and those who are claustrophobic. The tents with cabin style tend to offer more height, while the dome-style tents are generally highest in the centre, and even at this level, you will probably need to squat. So, if you plan to spend a lot of time inside your tent, and especially if you are more than one to share, a cabin style tent will be much more comfortable.

Mono-Roof or Eave

For the neophyte, the double-roof can appear as a simple option. It is true that it can be removed to enjoy the view of the starry sky or to transform his tent into a simple tarp.

The double-roof also helps to ensure good air circulation. It is, therefore, an appreciable option to avoid any risk of condensation.

Weather Resistance

Waterproofing is an important criterion for a tent. It is measured in mm of water, understand the amount of water received by the tent before it passes through the tent. The European standard sets a minimum of 1500mm. There are also fabrics that dry faster and let air circulate. The presence of a double roof is also strongly recommended for insulation, a reduction of condensation and a simpler cleaning. Do not forget to take into account the resistance of the tent to the wind. It would be a pity if your tent was torn off the ground with the slightest gust of wind. Finally, choose an anti-UV fabric, so you do not wake up sweaty.


Different types of tents exist for different seasons. The most common is the 3 season tent which is intended for camping in spring, summer and autumn. It is developed to minimize condensation by providing good ventilation. In terms of camping tent, it is on this one that we will focus on our selection. Know that there are also 4 season tents and expedition that are built to withstand the snow and the cold.


The tent mat is a canvas that insulates your tent from the ground. It settles before the assembly of the latter. Some tents are not equipped. Also, many campers ignore or just do not think about it. However, the floor mat will effectively protect your tent from moisture, harsh soil and improve longevity. It is also easier to maintain a floor mat than the floor of your tent.

Tips for Maintaining Your Tent

Even a tent of excellent quality can be damaged if you do not take care of it. To keep your tent for many years, take a few simple steps. Always clean your tent when you return, wait until it is completely dry to store and store in a clean and dry place. Also be sure to apply a waterproofing agent at least once a year, insisting on the seams


Question 1: Are all the tents waterproof?

In principle, the tents are all designed to be waterproof. However, the level of tightness differs from one model to another. In case of heavy rains, some tents may be less resistant. In addition, we must also take into account the way the tent is designed because the rain does not always fall well in the vertical. Seams are often the weak point of some tents. There are sealing pastes that you can apply to enhance the impermeability of sensitive parts. In the same way, the double roof is very practical against the humidity and makes the cleaning of the tent easier.

Question 2 : Should we dry the tent before putting it in its case?

It is strongly recommended that you never store a wet tent directly in its case unless you take it out once at home. It is important to dry the canvas thoroughly before storing it again. Otherwise, the tent risks becoming mouldy.

Question 3 : What seasons do I plan to use the tent?

Since most people prefer to camp in a less favourable weather in late spring, summer and early fall, the majority of tents on the market are three-season tents. They are designed to keep the flow of air moderate, to stay cool when it’s hot while trying to provide adequate protection.

By the way, if you plan on camping in early spring, late fall, or winter, you’ll need a four-season tent! Made of heavier materials and well protected against the rain, also having moisture-proof flooring for the floor

Question 4 : Is the tent more economical than physical equipment?

The tent has the best price for accommodation during the holidays. It is by far the most economical solution compared to the bungalow, the mobile home, the apartment, the house, the hotel, the caravan or the camper. A tented campsite for a tent is relatively affordable in the USA and most other countries.

Question 5 : Can we camp everywhere?

In terms of legislation, some country has relatively strict. Some places are forbidden to practice wild camping, which means that you must necessarily install your tent in a dedicated and authorized place. Otherwise, you may have to pay a heavy fine and you will have to move if you get caught.

Question 6 :Will I transport My tent to the camping site via a backpack or using my vehicle?

Here is an important factor! If you will have to carry your tent for a distance of one km or more, it would be profitable for you to opt for a light tent and give up the extra bells and whistles. If it is your vehicle that takes care of bringing the whole package to the campsite, you will have much more freedom in the choice of the tent. A family tent that offers comfortable accommodation to a whole group of people would be ideal in this case

Question 6 : Where to buy your camping tent at the best price?

You can find tents in all the shops specialized in hiking or in big sports equipment stores. Feel free to take a look on the internet to enjoy more attractive prices.

For internet purchases, I advise you to always check the return policy of the store. I have been buying our tents online for years and I have never had a problem. Do not hesitate to buy on your favourite site. On Sport2Nature, I recommend Amazon which offers a huge choice and top-notch customer service. In addition, you can help yourself to many customer reviews to make your choice. By purchasing directly from Amazon, you have the option to return the product free of charge in case of problems.


First of all, define what your needs are (number of people, comfort, the frequency of use). In my comparison, I showed you different models among the best in terms of value for money. Of course, the more spacious, comfortable and equipped the tent is, the higher the price. But if you camp regularly, a tent of several hundred euros is quickly depreciated compared to the cost of renting a bungalow or accommodation. You have to find the right balance between the price and the frequency of use of the tent.

For example, I camp several times a year in all seasons and for ecological reasons, I wish to use my tent as long as possible. That’s why I’m going to focus on quality materials like nylon and aluminium that will last in time. Also, I will make sure to place a floor mat under the tent to avoid any unnecessary tearing and rubbing.


Your desire family camping tent should be able to fit all your parts with easiness and have the quick access facility out there. So purchase your best family camping tent with a lot of consideration. Your tent should be exceptional quality, comfortable and have enough spaces.

Thanks for reading it and I prospect, that you set it very useful. If you have any counsel for this review, then you can say it in the comment section. And I also hope that I will be efficient to favour you. And I desire that you could share your experience with your own opinion.

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